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Lifestyle Consultation

embrace health at home

Service Description

Explore your place of living and discover opportunities for a healthier home with a wellness-focused lifestyle consultant. Lifestyle consulting with Seeking Wholeness provides a resident with insight and guidance to creating a home-environment that supports healthy choices, patterns, and life-affirming rhythms. Lifestyle consulting focused on whole-person wellness offers a resident essential knowledge about natural, clean, non-toxic, and life-affirming living environments. During an initial home and lifestyle consultation, the consultant will review the areas of opportunity for greater health, and address the resident’s main concerns, desires, and goals for a healthier living environment. Together, the resident and consultant will develop a structured plan to support each goal for healthy living. Recreating your home to be the sacred space where you start your day energized and end your day peacefully is possible. You can develop a sanctuary of wellness right where you live by categorically adopting structures, routines, and behaviors of health, healing and wellness. From eliminating household toxins and increasing the presence of natural elements to organizing your physical spaces for energy, health and healing, a lifestyle consultation can provide both the insight and information you need for greater health in the home you love. Discover a healthier way to live with a home and lifestyle consultant. Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call with Tierney to learn more.

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