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Tierney Frost
Wellness Coach | Spiritual Director | Lifestyle Consultant

Each journey toward wellness is personal and fully intertwined with the way in which a person embraces the story of who they are, and thus, how a person chooses to walk forward. 

Though deeply personal, a wellness journey is best walked with encouraging companions. With Seeking Wholeness, an experienced and well-versed wellness companion will join your journey, for a time, to provide a listening ear, guidance, and seasoned insight as you discover greater health, healing, and wholeness. 

Tierney, creator and founder of Seeking Wholeness, developed a wellness philosophy with the whole person and the whole journey in mind with the belief that humans are made to be whole. Each dimension of the whole person interacts with the others to create a full experience of this life we've been given. Tierney identifies and focuses on eight integrated dimensions of wellness when working with clients: spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational, environmental, and financial. 

Through wellness coaching, spiritual direction, and lifestyle consulting, Tierney will join you as you seek and reach the answers to your questions, create a vision of your healthiest and best self, and make steps toward a greater experience of wholeness

Meet Tierney
Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Seeking Wholeness?

Your wellness journey is as unique and integrated as you.

Through Seeking Wholeness, we will walk together, step by step, 

toward a personal and dynamic vision of your true self.

Together, we will explore your journey, through the lens of the eight dimensions of wellness, toward greater health, healing, and wholeness.


Spiritual Wellness

Harmony and growth in loving relationship with God, self, others, and creation through faith, enjoyment, service, and grace.


Engagement with a willing and intentional community woven together with foundations of trust, respect, and compassion.

Physical Wellness

Participation in balanced rhythms of daily movement, rest, nutrition, and hygiene to achieve and maintain dynamic stability.

Emotional Wellness

Engagement with personal emotions, feelings, and responses through thoughtful practice to develop a peaceful interior life.

Environmental Wellness

Choosing a life-affirming lifestyle as care-takers of creation and designed living spaces through connection, relationship and respect.

Financial Wellness

Intentional stewardship and wise investment of money and assets to create quality of life and bless others.


Steady pursuit of creative, educational, and contemplative stimulation with the goal of keeping an open and active mind.

Vocational Wellness

Exploration of occupational and personal pursuits in work and service with the goal of personal and communal fulfillment.

"The health of each of us
is related to the health of all of us."

— Mary Chase-Ziolek, PhD, Professor of Faith and Health

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